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〈靜止〉 Still

張譯云 Chang, Yi-Yun

2015,攝影,61x77x2.7cm 喜歡捕捉生活空間中不起眼的角落或光影交會瞬間的張譯云,擅長透過她獨特的美學構圖呈現當下影像的生命力。作品〈靜止〉,透過簡練的構圖,以及光線明暗的熟練掌握,形成一種對比與虛實交錯的效果。將建築局部結構,勾勒出俐落的塊面與線條組合。建物前方,廣闊的海洋與天際相融,呈現如水墨漸層的暈染效果。海面隨著視線所及,向遠方靜默延展,帶給人的感受,既是航向希望的開始,又如同萬千思緒的終結與靜止。 Chang Yi-Yun also likes to capture unremarkable-looking corners or momentary mixes of light and shade in daily spaces. In her photography, her unique aesthetic compositions bring the images to live. Her Still displays a contrast and an interplay between emptiness and substance created by a simple composition and skillful understanding of light and shadows. The photo highlights the sleek combinations of planes and lines that are part of an architectural structure. In front of the building, the vast ocean merges into the sky, showing a blurred effect like gradient washes in ink painting. As the viewer’s eyes follow the quiet expanse of water into the distance, it makes one feel that this is where the journey toward hope begins, but it is also where thousands of thoughts end and fall silent.