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〈如此性感,時尚的妳〉 You're so Chic, so Sexy!

李政勳 Li, Cheng-Hsun

2010,壓克力畫,130 x 142 x 5.5 cm 李政勳作品〈如此性感,時尚的妳〉創作靈感來自於台灣女子電子音樂樂團「GO CHIC」, 他以線條疏密、幾何圖形和色塊的堆疊,呈現線條形狀漸大或漸小,局部的錯置讓畫面具有動感的節奏。粉色、黑色的交錯,時尚又神秘,象徵女團在藝術家眼中是很帥的女生,右上角金色突起的指標,象徵樂團是舞台上耀眼之星。李政勳的創作透過貼膠帶、上色、拆膠帶的反覆動作,以自己的節奏在畫面上留下顏料和手工的痕跡,表達對音樂的熱情與感動。 Li Cheng-Hsun found inspiration for his You're so Chic, so Sexy! from GO CHIC, a Taiwanese girl’s electronic music group. The expansion and shrinkage of lines are created by changing the density of lines and layering geometric shapes and blocks of colors. The misplaced lines in certain areas give the painting a sense of movement and rhythm. Chic and mysterious, the interwoven pink and black symbolizes that the group members are cool girls in the eye of the artist, while the protruding golden pointers are a symbol of the group being a star that shines on the stage. When producing the work, as he repeated the motion of attaching strips of tape to the canvas, applying paint, and taking the strips off, Li left in the painting traces of paint and manual work in his own rhythms as a way to express how he was passionate about and touched by the music.