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〈氣息〉 Breathe

林青萱 Lin, Ching-Hsuan

2012,裝置與新媒體,6'26'' 林青萱擅於將日常生活中的情緒與生命的變化轉化為動態影像。作品〈氣息〉紀錄她在臺南的生活風景,拍攝地點包含官田、六甲,以及毗鄰的善化與麻豆等,這些鄉村的街巷光影以及深夜中各色光彩的流逝,所映照的內心對話是影片主要的敘事背景。影像的開端,由閃爍著朦朧燈光的街道夜晚開始,隨著影像趨向模糊,隨後浮現一隻手,在呼吸氣息產生的霧氣玻璃上寫字與畫圖,手腕上的時間如快轉般不停的轉動,猶如生命的稍縱即逝,每一幅都是成長的心靈圖像,彷彿快轉我們過往的人生,隨緣而起也因緣而滅。林青萱結合物理科學與動畫,實驗以「霧」稍縱即逝卻又看似永恆的手繪證據,衍生「觀看看不見」的影像風格。作品〈氣息〉拍攝期長達四個月,並於密不透風的車內進行,利用熱凝結的結霧現象及稍縱即逝的特性,在起霧的車窗玻璃繪製約3000餘次,以逐格方式結合現場實景,同時進行繪製與拍攝。 Lin Ching-Hsuan is an artist good at translating daily emotions and life changes into motion graphics. Breathe is a record of her life in Tainan, composed of images taken in several districts of the city including Lioujia, Guantian, and the neighboring Shanhua and Madou. The narrative in this piece of video is set against the background of her inner dialogues, reflected in the images of rural streets and the transient lights and colors at late nights. The video begins with an evening street scene in hazy and flickering light. As the image blurs, a hand appears to write and draw on glass fogged up from breath. The watch on the wrist runs endlessly like a fast-forwarding video clip, like the transience of life. Every frame is a mental image of growing up. It is as if our past life—how it began and how it ended—has been fast-forwarded. Marrying physics with animation, Lin’s experiment involves transitory though seemingly perpetual evidence hand-drawn on the fog and creates an image style that “sees the invisible”. The four-month shooting of Breathe took place within an enclosed car, where the drawing was done more than 3,000 times on the foggy car window, making use of the physical phenomenon of air condensation and the transitory quality of fog. The drawing was shot and then combined, frame by frame, with the real scenes.