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消失的角落 The Vanishing Corner

邱錦屏 Chiu, Chin-Pin

全球化一直是當代藝術家喜愛的創作主題,或感傷抒懷,或嚴謹批判,邱錦屏的作品〈消失的角落〉,創作主題為父親經營20多年,正面臨拆遷命運的鐵工廠。邱錦屏以寫實的手法,描繪鐵工廠熟悉的日常場景,重新檢視物件背後的歷史記憶。作品裡鐵件工具陳列於角落的畫面,隨著全球化的迅速變遷已漸漸消逝。 Globalization has always been the favorite topic for contemporary artists. The artworks might be sentimental or harshly critical. The Vanishing Corner by Chiu Chin-Pin depicted her father's iron factory which operated over 20 years, but now faces the fate of demolition. Chiu realistically portrayed everyday sceneries of the iron factory and recollects old-time memories behind the tools. The painting shows iron tools displayed in the corner, which have slowly disappeared along with the rapid change of globalization.