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越界II Crossing Boundary II

陳崑鋒 Chen, Kun-Feng

在當代藝術中,可以看見許多許「移動性」有關的作品。陳崑鋒的作品〈越界II〉,表現藝術家對於飛行體的迷戀。畫面中出現飛機的襟翼,是飛行的重要象徵。陳崑鋒藉由飛行衍伸出航站的概念,「航站」是旅行者的專屬地,是通往另一未知的領域的開端,或者代表旅行的結束,整體作品氛圍呈現一種旅途體驗的心情寫照。陳崑鋒的創作,遊走於數位影像、懷舊照片與繪畫等多種領域。他將生活中常見的畫面,經過單一色調的處理,並點綴上特殊的白色亮光,將台灣人們習以為常的共同記憶,轉化為自成一格的新城市風景。 In contemporary art, we can see many pieces related to “mobility”. Crossing Boundary II by Chen Kun-Feng, expressed his fascination with aircraft. Flaps of the airplane in the picture are important symbols of flying. Chen tries to deliver the message about the concept of “terminal”, where travelers belong to. It stands for a starting point of an unknown land, but also, maybe a destination of the journey. This artwork expresses the travelling experience of the travelers. Chen’s creation covers various fields, including digital images, nostalgic photos and paintings. He treats those common sights in life with single color tone and embellishes special white light to turn mutual memories that Taiwanese are familiar with, into a new urban landscape.