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下一站 Next Stop

劉家瑋 Liu, Chia-Wei

劉家瑋的作品〈下一站〉,試圖關注人與環境的關係。畫面中是一個我們熟悉的捷運車廂場景,車廂內沒有乘客,只有蔓延整個空間的植物,彷彿末日之後,大自然反撲人類世界的景象。他以細膩寫實的油畫技法,呈現如攝影照片般的圖像,整潔與明亮的車廂,與密佈如熱帶叢林般的植物形成對比,如同未來人類文明的遺跡。他企圖透過這件作品,探討工業發展與環境保護的對立,暗示人類的有限與脆弱,表達對地球上眾生的更多關懷及期許。 Next Stop by Liu Chia-Wei attempts to focus on the relationship between people and the environment. The artwork shows familiar interiors of a subway train except that passengers were replaced with plants that spreads across the floor as if nature has reclaimed the human world after an apocalypse. Liu uses detailed realistic oil painting techniques to create a photo-realistic composition. The clean, brightly lit cabin is contrasted against the plants that are as dense as the tropical jungle, creating a scene based on the future ruins of human civilization. He hopes to use this artwork to explore the conflicts between industrial development and environment protection, implying the limitations and weaknesses of the humans race and expressing his hopes and concerns for life on this planet.