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城市漂移 The Floating Cities

趙書榕 Chao, Shu-Jung

趙書榕的錄像作品〈城市飄移〉,將兩個在他生命中具有重要意義的城市:法國聖德尼與台北,透過動畫影像的方式,賦予兩者交集。影像中,新台北車站、舊台北車站以及法國聖德尼的廢棄火車站,在經歷大地一陣劇烈運動後,彼此貫穿,從各自歸屬的領地飄移後相遇並融合。背景音則來自於兩地火車站的廣播聲響。趙書榕以異鄉人的角度,思考土地與自我的關係,透過聲音與影像,喚起思鄉情懷,同時探尋全球氣候變遷以及自我游離的身份認同狀態。 The Floating Cities, the animation by Chao Shu-Jung, who made two meaningful cities in his life- Saint-Denis in France and Taipei intersect. In the video, New Taipei Station, Old Taipei Station and the abandoned train station in Saint-Denis intersected each other after a violent movement of both lands. Those stations floated from where they belonged to, then met and blended. The background comes from broadcast sound of the two stations in two places. Chao presents the relationship between the land and himself from perspective as an outsider. Via sounds and vision, he evokes nostalgia, the discussion of global climate change and unsure self-identification.