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共生 Symbiosis

徐睿甫 Hsu, Jui-Fu

徐睿甫的作品〈共生〉,從自然底層中看似腐敗的景物中取材,尋找表象之下生命的不同意義。作品各式各樣的昆蟲、爬蟲類,與各種長相奇特的鮮花植物,彼此密集地相互攀附,形成生機盎然、自成一格的小世界。其中,許多張大小不一的人臉,亦附屬於這個世界,正吸取著養分緩慢成長。徐睿甫以細密的素描,創造一個獨特的生態世界,在這裡沒有主、從的階層分別,每個生物都是單獨鮮明的個體,彼此獨立生存也相互依賴。 In Hsu Jui-Fu's work Symbiosis shows various insects, reptiles, and oddly shaped flowers and plants clambering over each other to create a verdant microcosm of their own. Numerous humans faces of various sizes are also part of the world, absorbing nutrients and continuingly growing bigger. Hsu uses fine sketching to create a unique ecology where there are no leaders or followers. Instead, every organism is a unique and independent individual while mutually dependent on one another.