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願景 三 (大自然的和諧) Vision 3 (Nature Harmony)

李文賓(李奉) Lee, Wen-Pin

李文賓(李奉)以繪畫創作來顯現對自然山水所懷抱的使命感,以及對自我生命的願景。作品〈願景 三 (大自然的和諧)〉,以粗獷的綠色線條表現大自然,筆觸有如浪花湧動般的奔放粗獷,堆疊出綠意盎然的景象,最後再以大塊面的白色勾勒出島嶼的形貌,試圖藉由鮮明且獨特的視覺力量,傳達他內心對生命的期待與信仰,這份願景,包含對「生命喜悅」的願景,以及對「生命自由而和諧」的願景。 Vision 3 (Nature Harmony) by Lee Wen-Pin used rugged green lines to present nature. Brushstrokes are as rugged as powerful waves, creating a verdant scene, and large white-colored patches were then used to create the external form of the islands. Lee attempts to use these brightly colored and unique visual forces to convey his expectations and beliefs of nature. This Vision includes his hopes for a “joyful life” and expectations for a “free and harmonious living community.