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月津燈旅 / Lantern travel in Yuejin

林渟堉 / 高璟儀

指導老師:覃瑞南 設計說明: 運用大量鹽水月津港燈節的元素,將燈籠型態與元素簡化融合。鹽水美食城是當地聚集各種美食的攤販商家,故我們以攤販的形式作為設計,保留當地居民的美食記憶。 We used a lot of elements of the "Yuejin Lantern Festival". In the design, we changed and simplified the pattern of the lantern. By the way, the place we designed is a local food center, So we keep the memory in the minds of the locals by setting up street stalls.