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try angle - try angle


東海大學 工業設計系

東海大學工業設計系第31屆畢業製作主題try angle以三角形作為啟程元素,經歷不同角度的觀察演變,設計漸漸清晰,漸漸構築成完整的圓;彈性的圓以自己最穩定的型態與色彩交織融合,過程中,我們在設計的步驟上遊走,經過一系列嘗試的過程,不斷嘗試碰撞,最終在柔軟的姿態下,結合思考脈絡與自身詮釋的應用,我們醞釀出最終設計作品。 畢業製作主體try angle也象徵著Try and Go,我們藉著不斷努力嘗試後再出發,步步找尋最適合的解方 ”There's no right angle unless you try and go.” 設計作品依四大面向主題發散收斂,起居共構-以生活與家飾用品設計出發,構築居家空間;環境共生-強調人與環境的交互關係,進而促進生活福祉;育樂相隨-以教育與娛樂為主軸,融入不同年齡使用者的體驗過程;情感連結-串連起人與設計之間的情感,展現產品全新面向。我們因為設計相識,讓彼此的生活軌跡交織,將對於設計的不同見解以獨有的詮釋方式呈現。 展覽整體氛圍展現穩定且活潑的性格,透過顏色的融合表達設計的思考脈絡,並在最終融會貫通;也象徵著我們保有柔軟的姿態,接受著更多的指教與建議。 The 31st Graduation Project of the Industrial Design Department at Tunghai University, "try angle," takes the triangle as its starting element, evolving through different perspectives of observation, gradually crystallizing into a complete circle. The flexible circle interweaves with its most stable form and colors. We navigate through a series of attempts and collisions throughout the design process, constantly trying and experimenting. Ultimately, with a soft and flexible approach, we combine the context of our thoughts with our interpretation to create the final design work. "try angle" as the main theme also symbolizes "Try and Go", as we constantly strive and try before moving forward, seeking the most suitable solutions step by step, because "There's no right angle unless you try and go." We intertwine our understanding of design through mutual interaction, presenting different perspectives on design in our unique interpretive ways. The design work is based on four main themes: Lifestyle - starting from home and home decor design; Welfare - emphasizing the relationship between humans, time, and the environment; Recreation - focusing on product designs that accompany entertainment; Emotion - bridging the emotional connection between people and design. The overall atmosphere of the exhibition reflects a stable and lively character, expressing the integration of design thinking through the fusion of colors, symbolizing our openness to receiving more guidance and suggestions with a flexible attitude.

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