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無以名狀 - The Unseen Presence ( of Death )


銘傳大學 商業設計學系

無以名狀原指複雜微妙、無法言喻的事物。在這裡「無」借代生命與死亡的輾轉,「名狀」則是我們的表達。作品收錄了兩冊以死亡為主題的攝影文集,分別為記錄與演繹,在經歷永久的離別後,人與人之間的情感變得清晰而巨大,消亡的同時也是情感傳遞的開端。藉著兩者對照,讓觀者在閱覽後產生思考對話。最終,我們想呈現的從不是生死的最佳解答,而是藉由作品,邀請大家共同凝視死亡。The Unseen Presence indicates complicated, subtle, and indescribable things. "Unseen" is a symbolic state of the twists of life and death, while "Presence" represents our expressions.The work embodies two volumes of death-themed photography collection, which are actual record and imagined interpretation respectively. Through a comparison between the two volumes, viewers are able to conduct dialogues in thought while reading. What we present are never the best answer to life and death, but to make you willing to gaze at death.

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練德 De Lien、黃宇慈 Yu-Tzu Huang、林長緯 Chang-Wei Lin、劉愷潔 Kai-Chieh Liu


練德 De Lien、黃宇慈 Yu-Tzu Huang、林長緯 Chang-Wei Lin、劉愷潔 Kai-Chieh Liu