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流量密碼 - Traffic Secrets


慈惠醫護管理專科學校 數位媒體創意設計科

在這個環境飛速變異的時代,所有工具終有被淘汰的可能,如何時刻充實自身實力,創造出獨一無二的秘密武器,才是不敗法則。身為設計師的我們,五年以來,不斷在無限可能性中吸收、探索,追求大量的流量及關注度,到頭來發現,面臨畢業的我們,自身的設計就是關鍵密碼。希望我們能秉持不斷學習的熱忱,脫穎而出,開啟設計領域的大門,成為一位位卓越的專業人才。 「107級」是我們這屆主視覺的密碼,將107°應用、設計以構成每一個文字斜角,並使用意象化來表示流量。不同符碼呈現每組的特色表現設計,在視覺上運用美的形式原理「漸變美」及「律動」,讓線條由粗到細、由明到暗,象徵著我們適時調整自己的屬性,能屈能伸的精神,期許大家在畢業後,也能在寬闊的世界中掌握自己的優勢,找到屬於自己的一席之地。 In this rapidly changes, all tools may eventually be eliminated. How to enrich and create one's own unique strength is the key rule. As designers, we have been absorbing and exploring infinite possibilities for five years, in order to pursue a large amount of traffic and attention. In the end, we found that design by myself is the password. We hope that we can uphold the learning enthusiasm continuously, to the design field, and become outstanding professionals. This year we apply the password "107th" and use 107° to form every text. Different codes present the characteristic design of 7 group. By using Aesthetics principles "gradient beauty" and "rhythm", the lines were designed from thick to thin, and from light to dark. That symbolizes that we adjust our attributes and spirit in a timely manner. We wish everyone can find their own place in design world after graduate.

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