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風的印記 Wind of Impression


團隊名稱:風的印記Wind of Impression 團隊理念: 透過工藝材質的作品,在造型設計的表現上連結新竹人文發展的脈絡與地理環境的想像將其具象化。團隊三人的作品,聚焦在新竹各個不同的面貌,展現新竹風城的想像。 Through the production of craftsmanship and material works, the expression of modeling design connects the Hsinchu's humanistic development and the imagination of the geographical environment to concretize. The works of three members of the team focused on different faces of Hsinchu, showing the imagination of Hsinchu, Windy City. 作品名稱:蘊Accumulate 作品理念: 與風流動的意象連結,透過其性質與使用者之視覺與嗅覺產生互動。 It interacts with user's vision and smell through its nature, connecting with the flow of wind. 作品名稱:風城Windy City 作品理念: 透過此設計裝置增加人與環境的連結意識,陶瓷的曲線搭配金屬營造出新竹科技城之意象。 Through this design incresing the connection between people and environment. Matching ceramic and metl to create the image of hsinchu science industrial city. 作品名稱:山海之間flow 作品理念: 新竹的山海受風化為曲折的形體。薰香縈繞其上,帶給人們風城的新感受。 As the ocean wind blowing through the mountains, forming a astonishing art piece. Hoping to give people a new perspective on Hsinchu city through this art piece. 指導老師: 施富錡 老師