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拼泥 Pini


作品名稱:拼泥 Pini 作品理念: 以水庫淤泥再利用的水泥與金屬工藝,打造新竹橫山教育桌遊,融入周邊景物與地方文史,從中認識水泥廠帶來的經濟效益與環境破壞,讓環境永續從兒童教育扎根,培養社會責任。 The Hengshan’s educational board game is made of cement, which is the reused silt from the reservoir and metalcraft. The game integrates local scenery, culture and history of Hengshan township. Players can learn about the economic benefits and environmental damage caused by the cement factory, so that the environmental awareness can be educated to children and cultivate social responsibility. 指導老師:江怡瑩 老師