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游離 Extrication.昇華 Sublimation


游離 Extrication.昇華 Sublimation 作品理念:以工藝搭配人體工學的貼合來進行與佩戴者的對話,將自身環繞的透明空間呈現對於生命的孤寂與空無的心靈感受,經由煙霧在空間中不斷的流動和繚繞結合後背的機械動力使煙霧隨著呼吸而起起伏伏而產生自由意志的不斷消散和停留表達對思維與心靈在自我掙扎的感嘆。 This artwork is made with industrial arts and ergonomics elements. People who wear this artwork can experience my desolate and desperate world. The smog and the mechanical move in the back represent that we are struggling for free will. Even though time and space is constantly changing, our battle for freewill is never ending.