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操夢者 Dreamer


作品名稱:操夢者 Dreamer 作品理念: 利用操縱線偶的畫面闡述像是被夢境控制的意象,野兔暗喻自己不安的特質,仿若夢境中的我:脆弱、膽小。運用鍛敲、敲花、珐瑯技法呈現工藝之美。 The image of operating a marionette is used to elaborate the construct of being controlled by dreams, while the appearance of a hare is a metaphor of self, just like me in my dream: fragile, timid.Use Raising & Sinking , Repousse & Chasing and Enameling to show the beauty of exquisite craftsmanship. 指導老師:江怡瑩 老師