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潤餅吃飽 Eat Fully Spring Roll


作品名稱:潤餅吃飽 Eat Fully Spring Roll 作品理念: 家中從事潤餅皮行業五十年以上,由外公傳承下來。 在成長的過程中,開始瞭解到這些工作背後需要做足許多準備是有多麼的艱辛,但別人往往是不曉得也看不見的。 因此我想要以這個背景與傳承設計出可以推廣及介紹這項產業的木製擺件,同時我希望可以吸引更多顧客除了購買產品也可以了解這項目產業脈絡。 The family has been engaged in this industry for more than 50 years, and it is passed down by my grandfather. In the process of growing up, I began to understand how hard it is to make a lot of preparations behind these jobs, but others didn’t know and could not see it. Therefore, I want to use this background and heritage to design wooden ornaments that can promote and introduce this industry. At the same time, I hope to attract more customers to understand the industry context of this project. 指導老師:李允文 老師