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ATMOLUME居家氛圍共振音響 ATMOLUME Home atmosphere Audio

謝承峰 Cheng-Feng Hsieh

作品名稱:ATMOLUME居家氛圍共振音響 ATMOLUME Vibration speakers 作品理念: ATMOLUME讓對於愛好音樂且對居家環境品味有一定堅持的你,能有全新的居家視覺感知和與眾不同的氛圍體驗,燈光與音量隨著你的喜好設定,能隨心所欲藉由手機調節。ATMOLUME完美結合視覺與聽覺感知,滿足你的視覺感受與聽覺饗宴。 白瓷燈管上佈滿星空般的多色LED燈,讓開啟開關時能讓你感受燈光氛圍的美妙變化。 The ATMOLUME allows those who love music and have a certain persistence in the taste of the home environment, to have brand-new visual home-like perception and different atmospherical experience. The lighting and volume can be set according to your preferences and can be adjusted with your mobile phone as you like. ATMOLUME perfectly combines visual and auditory perception to satisfy your visual and auditory feast. The porcelain tube is covered with multi-color LED lights like a starry sky, so that you can feel the wonderful changes in the lighting atmosphere. 指導老師:施富錡 老師