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花時寄語 Tea Set and Sweet Bean Paste Cake


作品名稱:花時寄語 Flower Meanings 作品理念:以台南市花—鳳凰花與牡丹富貴吉祥的花語祝福為主題,透過金屬鏤空以及陶瓷灌漿的手法構築放鬆的下午茶情境,並搭配相應的糕點設計,在飲食體驗達到糕餅文化的創新與推廣。 The theme takes the blessing meaning of flower as the whole sweet been paste cake design and tea set modeling .As a result of seeing the traditional Chinese pasty gradually declined, I want to combine craft and design to build a relaxing afternoon tea.People can enjoy afternoon tea time, at the same time to achieve cultural innovation and promotion 指導老師:江怡瑩 老師