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火金姑 Firefly


作品名稱:火金姑 Firefly 作品理念:螢火蟲閩南語為「火金姑」,如同一位提著火燈的美麗佳人,在黑夜中閃爍著。平時可以作為家中的壁飾設計,外出時可以隨心替換不同造型的螢火蟲配掛在身上,樹立獨特風格。 Firefly Hokkien is "Huo Jin Gu", basically a beautiful lady carrying a fire lamp, shining in the dark night. Usually it can be used as a wall decoration design at home. When going out, you can replace different shapes of fireflies and hang them on your body to establish a unique style. 指導老師:蕭銘芚 老師