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羽絨 Down

羅晟文 LO Sheng-Wen

2017 自製羽絨衣、照片、地圖、錄像裝置、熱感影像、傳感器測資 Handmade down jacket, photographs, maps, video installation, thermal imageries and sensor readouts 尺寸視場地而定 Dimensions variable 藝術家提供 Courtesy of the artist 平面與插畫設計(小手冊與地面地圖):洪儀仙 Graphic design and illustration of manual booklets and floor map: HUNG Yi-Hsien 特別感謝:北極圈駐村計畫、荷蘭布雷達國際攝影節、蒙德里安基金會 Special thanks to: The Arctic Circle Residency, BredaPhoto Festival, Mondriaan Fonds