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舒媞 shuti


舒媞 shuti

One day 𓂃 關於那些日子,我用畫筆慢慢勾勒生活的輪廓,再一次溫習日常的溫度。 - 此次系列作品延續了我對於日常生活細節的感受和細細品味,用我擅長的風格記錄描繪生活中的浪漫。 About those days, I slowly depicted the outline of my life with a brush, and once again reviewed the daily temperature. This series of works continues her feelings and meticulous taste for daily life details, using my own style to record and limn the romance in life.

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舒 媞  Shu Ti


舒 媞 Shu Ti

舒媞 ,SHU TI ,出生於台南,現任自由插畫家。 2017 年畢業於東海大學美術系,2020 年畢業於英國劍橋藝術學院 Cambridge school of Art 童書插畫碩士。創作擅長運用壓克力,水粉,色鉛筆,和電腦繪圖多種媒材去結合混搭,創作的題材大多取自於日常生活,喜歡用柔和的色調去描繪生活 ,透過畫筆收藏這些溫柔平靜的時刻 。 I'm Shu-ti, Chang, a freelance illustrator from Tainan, Taiwan. I graduated from Cambridge School of Art in 2020 with a master’s degree of Children’s Book Illustration. I specialized in using acrylic, gouache, colored pencils as well as computer graphics to mix, match and create. As for the themes of my creations, I am usually inspired by what happened in my daily life.