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馬尼拉落日 Sunset in Manila

馬白水 臺灣 Ma Pai Sui Taiwan

彩墨、紙 ink and color on paper 45.5 × 92 cm 1967 國立臺灣美術館藏 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Collection -- 馬白水在1975年退休並移居美國前,曾多次赴東南亞考察及講學,包括曾於1963年赴泰、1966年及1967年赴菲、1971年赴馬。1962年,他與其他19位代表「自由中國」的藝術家,共同於南越西貢市的國際聯展中展出。 Before moving to the United States when he retired in 1975, Ma Pai Sui had made several research and lecture trips to Southeast Asia, including Thailand (1963), the Philippines (1966, 1967) and Malaysia (1971). In 1962, together with 19 other artists representing “Free China”, he participated in the international joint exhibition in Saigon, South Vietnam.