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拉茄米神和祂的膜拜者(中南半島一頁史詩) Lakshmi Surrounded by Worshipers

劉其偉 臺灣 Liu Max C.W. Taiwan

水彩、粉彩、紙 watercolor and pastel on paper 49.7 × 64 cm 1966 國立臺灣美術館藏 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Collection -- 繪於柬埔寨吳哥窟的拉茄米神,又譯為「拉克什米」、「吉祥天女」或「吉祥天」等。為源自婆羅門教-印度教之財富及幸運女神。 Painted at Angor Wat in Cambodia, Lakshmi, also called Sridevi, is the goddess of wealth and good luck in Brahmanism and Hinduism.