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回力鏢 Boomerangs

帕西雅‧孟海 哥斯大黎加 Priscilla Monge Costa Rica

木頭、顏料 wood and paint 140 × 20 公分(單個44 × 19公分,共7個) 140 × 20 cm, 44 × 19 cm/each, set of 7 1999 臺北市立美術館藏 Taipei Fine Arts Museum Collection -- 帕西雅‧孟海可能是中美洲最知名的女性藝術家之一。哥斯大黎加於2007年和臺灣斷交,臺北市立美術館很幸運地在外交生變之前收藏到她早期的作品,本次展出的兩組作品可視為中美洲錄像藝術及裝置藝術的先驅。 Priscilla Monge is perhaps one of the most famous female artists in Central America. Taipei Fine Arts Museum was lucky to acquire her early works before Costa Rica cut off diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 2007. The two series of works on exhibit can be regarded as forerunners to video art and installation art in Central America.