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交個朋友吧 Square Relationship

李勇志 臺灣 Lee Yung Chih Taiwan

郵件包裹、口香糖、水果,動畫影片等等 postages, chewing gum, fruits, video, etc. 尺寸依展場而定 dimensions variable 2018 藝術家自藏 Artist Collection -- 即便臺灣與新加坡之間並無正式外交關係,但自從1975年雙方簽屬「星光計畫」後,新加坡武裝部隊便長期租借臺灣多個軍事基地進行訓練,俗稱「星光部隊」。因臺灣國際地位敏感,「星光部隊」在臺亦十分低調;近年發生的重要事件包括:2016年一輛由高雄出發前往新加坡的貨輪在途經香港時,船上9輛「星光部隊」AV-81裝甲車遭到香港扣押,以及2020年1月一架新加坡空軍A330-200MRTT運輸機降落高雄小港機場,負責運送受傷士兵之任務。 In spite of lacking official diplomatic relations, Taiwan and Singapore signed Project Starlight in 1975, and the Singaporean Armed Forces (SAF) has since leased numerous military bases in Taiwan to train its troops, commonly known as “Starlight troops”. Because of the sensitive position of Taiwan on the international scene, “Starlight troops” also kept a very low profile in Taiwan. Recent major events include: in 2016, nine AV-81 Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles for the Starlight troops were seized by Hong Kong authorities from a container ship en route from Kaohsiung, Taiwan to Singapore via Hong Kong; in January 2020, a military transport aircraft A330-200 MRTT of the Singaporean air force, used for transporting wounded soldiers, landed at Kaohsiung International Airport.