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火之儀式(中南半島一頁史詩) Ritual of Fire at Angkor Wat

劉其偉 臺灣 Liu Max C.W. Taiwan

水彩、粉彩、紙 watercolor and pastel on paper 49.7 × 65 cm 1967 國立臺灣美術館藏 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Collection -- 此畫以英文載明「暹羅藝術,1967年5月」。劉其偉的「中南半島一頁史詩」系列之創作對象,除了實際探訪柬埔寨吳哥窟以及位於南越的占婆遺跡外,應該也包括西貢的博物館內所收藏的中南半島文物。於《中南半島行腳畫集》中關於此畫之記述如下:「取材自暹羅Emerald Buddha神殿裡的灰色沙岩浮彫,描述神話中的Ayodhya王為了要挑選一個王子做他的繼承人,舉行火之儀式中的戰馬。」 The painting carries an English text that reads, “Siam Art, May 1967”. In addition to elements drawn from his visits to Angkor Thom in Cambodia and the Cham ruins in southern Vietnam, the subject of Liu’s Indochina Peninsula Epic series also includes cultural artifacts in museum collections in Saigon.The description of the work in the Painting Trails of Indo-China reads, “Based on a bas-relief of Emerald Buddha, Bangkok, showing war horses in a Ceremony of Fire held by King Ayodhya when selecting a prince to be his heir.”