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吳哥城遺址 Angkor Thom

照片 photography 24.8 × 29.8 cm 國立臺灣博物館藏 National Taiwan Museum Collection -- 該攝影系列拍攝吳哥窟城門的「阿修羅」像。國立臺灣博物館典藏品中包括一批繼承自日治時期的「南洋類」收藏,藏品含跨東南亞及大洋洲地區,包括重要古文明雕刻等共計2469筆收藏,可惜近年來較無展出之機會。 This photographic series focuses on the Asura figures at the gated entrance to Angkor Wat. National Taiwan Museum’s collection includes “Nanyo” (Southeast Asia & South Pacific) artifacts, a legacy from the period of Japanese rule, a collection of 2469 works from Southeast Asia and Oceania, including important carvings and sculptures from ancient civilizations; unfortunately, it hasn’t had an opportunity to go on exhibition in recent years.