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Chiayi Art Museum


2023-02-23 ~ 2023-05-28


Chiayi Art Museum 1-3F


No.101, Guangning St., West Dist., Chiayi City

-------------MATERIALIZING THE SPIRIT: THE EPIC OF PU TIAN-SHENG'S TAIWANESE LUMINARY BUSTS Pu Tien-Sheng, one of the first Taiwanese sculptors to have studied in Japan, dedicated his life to bust sculpting. He is known for having sculpted many realistic busts of prominent politicians and businessmen in Taiwan. Pu once said, “There exists a beautiful soundscape in nature. I chose humans as the language of my sculptures out of my appreciation for the beauty of the human body, which is a miniature of nature, for many aspects of nature is manifested in the human body.” This exhibition, titled “Materializing the Spirit,” aims to show the aesthetics of Pu Tian-Sheng through his work in bust sculpture. Pu Tian-Sheng's artistic achievements in bust sculpting is not limited to likeness, but also in capturing the spirit and charisma of his models. Bust sculpting is an efficient method in portraying the spirit of the model, as well as capturing the subtle personalities and movement of the model. In general, Pu Tian -Sheng adopted a modern realistic style when presenting proportions, textures, and dynamics. His style can be characterized as radiating warmness with a kind of solid honesty. Although Pu Tian-Sheng sculpted vast amounts of busts for prominent Taiwanese politicians and businessmen, there have been few solo exhibitions of his work. Nevertheless, Pu's artistic endeavors amounts to having written an epic on the history of Taiwanese bust sculpting. In the worlds of art historian Hsiao Chong-Ray, Pu wrote with art “an important page of Taiwanese history.” This exhibition, titled “The Epic of Pu Tian-Sheng's Taiwanese Luminary Busts,” aims to present the significance of his lifelong artistic achievements. To provide visitors a more immersive experience of Pu's sculptures, the exhibition is distinguished into three areas: “Sculpting from Chengren Street,” “Materializing the Spirit,” and “Daily Portraits of Pu Tian-Sheng.” Together, these three themes represent the artistic endeavors of the Taiwanese master of bust sculpture. -------------SCULPTING FROM CHENGREN STREET -------------MATERIALIZING THE SPIRIT -------------DAILY PORTRAITS OF PU TIAN-SHENG

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Chiayi Art Museum


Chiayi Art Museum

The Chiayi Art Museum is built upon the arts and culture characteristics of Chiayi, City of Paintings. Since the preparation period, it has been rooted in the "Preserving and promoting the value and glory of Chiayi, City of Paintings," "Incorporating creativity of aesthetics, art and culture into daily lives and education," "Enriching content of a cultural city in Chiayi" and diverse art development, shaping its important characteristics as an urban art museum. Therefore, the planning of exhibitions and performances takes into account the art history, content characteristics and city character, and takes the contemporary perspective for professional curation and art and culture activities to showcase the works and creation of past artists from the Japanese colonial period and contemporary artists, crossing the boundary of era, region and forms of works. Contemporary dialectics are brought into exhibitions, collections, research, promotion of education, publications and various events, enabling people to examine, search and understand the past from today's daily life and culture perspectives, and creating new perspectives to re-examine and explore our environmental and social issues.