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布袋戲風物-偶的故事偶來說特展 - Treasures of Taiwanese pòo-tē-hì : Our Puppets, Our Stories


國立臺灣博物館 National Taiwan Museum


2021-08-24 ~ 2021-11-28





布袋戲自19世紀傳入臺灣,儘管臺灣社會環境不斷變遷,布袋戲仍伴隨時代潮流,在看戲人與演戲人的互動下,翻新出不同類型的演出型態,陪伴無數的臺灣人度過成長的歲月。從廟埕野臺、戲院劇場到電視螢幕,不知塑造多少風靡老少的英雄偶像,也搬演過諸多曲折離奇、蕩氣迴腸的經典戲齣。 「國立臺灣博物館」成立於1908年,典藏品囊括自然史、工藝產業和歷史三大範疇,自日治時期便陸續收藏代表臺灣生活文化的布袋戲文物。2019年5月,「財團法人私立西田社布袋戲基金會」將其收藏的文物捐贈予臺博館,臺博館身為現代化博物館,便進行專業研究及整飭入藏作業。 以此為契機,本展覽藉由這些珍貴的戲偶、相關文物及影音、博物館的研究成果與入藏作業,讓不論成長於什麼世代,對於布袋戲有何經歷和想像的民眾,再看見不同面貌的布袋戲。期許透過展覽引發大眾對傳統布袋戲的情懷,也讓未曾認識布袋戲的民眾有親近的機會。 展覽一共分為四個主題,分別為「布袋戲的變貌」、「從臺前走到幕後」、「布袋戲在當代」、以及「藝遊未盡」。 Since the introduction of pòo-tē-hì (glove puppetry) to Taiwan in the 19th century, the art has evolved over the generations. Taiwanese puppeteers have created all manner of innovative performance styles, continually renewing the art’s relationship with audiences. From outdoor stages at temple fairs to theaters and TV screens, pòo-tē-hì has elevated popular heroic icons and presented a diverse classic repertoire, sometimes full of twists and turns and other times emotional and epic. The National Taiwan Museum was established in 1908 with an extensive collection that included artifacts of natural history, handicrafts, and human history. As pòo-tē-hì represents a significant part of Taiwanese life and culture, objects associated with glove puppetry have been added to the museum’s collection since the Japanese colonial period. In May 2019, following the Seden Society Puppet Theater Foundation’s donation of its pòo-tē-hì collection, the museum initiated a program to research and organize these artifacts, fulfilling its mission as a modern museum. This exhibition aims—through the puppets, props, audio and visual files, research findings, and the collection process—to reveal pòo-tē-hì’s diversity to people of all generations, including those who have their own experiences and understandings of the art. We hope to revive memories of pòo-tē-hì and introduce it to those who have never experienced its charm.

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國立臺灣博物館 National Taiwan Museum


國立臺灣博物館 National Taiwan Museum

臺灣現代知識的啟蒙地 國立臺灣博物館是典藏臺灣本土標本物件最精華的博物館,不只見證了臺灣的歷史發展,累積百年兼顧自然與人文的本土臺灣典藏主軸,更呈現出臺灣近代的生活方式及生命物種等面向。 臺灣博物館系統包括本館「臺灣自然人文史」、古生物館「臺灣金融機構發展及地球科學」、南門館「臺灣產業史」、鐵道部園區「臺灣現代性」等展示館舍與內涵,提供民眾及國際訪客認識臺灣的自然與文化觀點,帶動建構臺灣文化主體的契機。 Inspiring a Modern Taiwan The National Taiwan Museum (NTM) lays claim to the most exquisite collection of native specimens among museums in the country. Not only has it borne witness to Taiwan’s historical development, having accumulated a 100-year native collection in natural history, anthropology and culture; it is, moreover, a showcase for the many facets of Taiwan, from its native species to life in the modern era. The NTM system comprises the Main Building which showcases Taiwan’s natural history and history of humanity; the Natural History Branch which highlights the development of financial institutions in Taiwan and earth science; the Nanmen Branch which exhibits Taiwan’s Industrial history; the Railway Department Park which focuses on Taiwan’s modernity; and so on. The different branches provide locals and visitors with entry points into the country’s natural and cultural history and foster the construction of Taiwan’s cultural subjectivity.