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國立臺中科技大學 多媒體設計系

「移動並調節每個數值,創造出不同的視覺感受,為賦予作品靈魂的過程。」 以「儀式感」一詞切入,「儀式感」原以形容將平淡無奇的事,以隆重的方式去創造新的意義,用特殊的角度去思考與規劃,能夠化平凡為不平凡,而我們將此概念帶入我們的主視覺,並轉化並描述多媒體設計系從製作到呈現的過程。 "Adjust each value to create a different visual experience, The process of giving the work a soul." Starting with the word "sense of ceremony", "sense of ceremony" was used to describe people who think with a special angle, can turn things from ordinary into extraordinary, and we bring this concept into our key vision and translate that meaning to describe the multimedia design department's process from production to presentation.

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