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陶逸 - Earthenware chair

張欣怡, 梅氏瓊 - Zhang,Xin-yi, Mai,Thi-quynh

陶瓷無法被大自然分解,我們便使用廢棄陶瓷碎片賦予作品色彩,將廢棄的陶瓷碎片混合黏貼製成,給予廢棄材質新的生命,將再生觀念帶給大眾。 兩側扶手造型與椅背以製作陶瓷的拉坏手勢進行發想,像兩隻手溫柔包圍住使用者,給使用者安全感與舒適感,造型修長具優雅的中式古典風格,整體型態高雅富有流線感。 - Ceramics cannot be decomposed by nature, so we use discarded ceramic fragments to give color to the works, mix and paste discarded ceramic fragments, give new life to discarded materials, and bring the concept of regeneration to the public. The shape of the armrests on both sides and the back of the chair are conceived with the gesture of making ceramics, like two hands gently enveloping the user, giving the user a sense of security and comfort. The shape is slender and elegant in Chinese classical style, and the overall shape is elegant Streamlined.