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秩序:街頭美術館 - Order:street gallery

陳宜姍, 吳昶昇 - Chen,Yi-Shan, Wu,Chang-Sheng

街頭噴漆藝術的門檻並不像傳統的藝廊或美術館那麼高,打開五感,就能走進街頭藝術家們打造的世界。 許多人對噴漆文化的印象都是髒亂、破壞,我們希望透過空間來重新架構社會對噴漆的定義。 建立一個藝術家願意來此創作、不破壞市容、更能引導民眾重新認識塗鴉文化,【秩序】便是以三贏目的為願景為所設計的建築。 - The threshold of graffiti art on the street is not as high as traditional galleries or museums, and it can be opened to the world created by street artists by activating the five senses. Many people's impression of graffiti culture is messy and destructive. We hope to redefine society's perception of graffiti through space. Establishing a space for artists to create without damaging the cityscape and leading people to re-recognize the graffiti culture is the vision of the design of 【Order】.