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( ):看見塗鴉 - ( ):See graffiti

陳宜姍, 吳昶昇 - Chen,Yi-Shan, Wu,Chang-Sheng

塗鴉藝術藏於生活中的各種角落,不僅是一種表達,它也是一種生活態度,從塗鴉藝術可以看出,每個人都有自己獨特的想法和表達欲。 在長椅上,我們相依而坐,我是你對於自我的表達,是普通中的一個閃光點,端看你如何解釋我的存在。 - We sit side by side on the bench, I am your expression of self, a sparkle in the ordinary, watching how you interpret my existence. Graffiti art is hidden in various corners of life, not only as an expression, but also a attitude towards life. Through graffiti art, we can see that everyone has their own unique ideas and expressions.