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迷City - Mi-City

洪俊杰, 劉峙亨, 賈愛華 - Hong,Jun-Jie, Liu,Chih-Heng, Jia, Ai-Hua

現代城市的發展,光害已然影響到整個生態,但軟性公害是肉眼不可見而不被重視的,而許多人對於光害帶來影響也停留在夜晚不見星光這一點。 迷City使用燈具的手法點醒光害帶來的故事,並降低手機藍光對睡眠的影響。 - With the development of modern cities, light hazards have already affected the whole ecology, but the soft public hazards are invisible to the naked eye and not paid attention to, and many people's impact on light hazards also stay in the night without starlight. Mi-City uses light fixtures to highlight light damage stories and reduce the impact of blue light on sleep.