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≈ 臺北科技大學工業設計系 108級畢業展 - ≈ NTUT ID 108th GRAD EXH


國立臺北科技大學 工業設計系

~風來了,我們能否隨著風飛得更遠? 風(~)意味著一種交流,如同冷暖輕重的分子,交流匯聚成我們(≈)。 此時,這股風的流動趨於靜止,而新的氣流即將產生,朝向更廣闊的未來。 只要風存在,交流便永不止息。 ~The wind is coming, will we fly with it farther? Wind (~) means an interaction, like the molecules of warmth and cold, light and heavy, and the association converges into us (≈). At this moment, the movement of the wind comes to a halt, and a new flow of air will be formed, heading for a broader future. As long as wind exists, interaction will never end.

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