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國立臺北商業大學 數位多媒體設計系

人生中總會遇上不同的失誤,小至漏掉幾個字的報告,大至專題發表場合出包。 我們總會充滿懊惱及悔恨,會因為錯過了早八點名,而責怪自己昨天 怎麼不早點睡;會因為軟體閃退,才想起忘記存檔。我們在失敗中檢 討,並從過程中學習,所以失誤了又怎麼樣呢?下次我們仍會全力以赴 ,或許還是會出包,但過程中的努力以及付出的汗水,都能讓我們更 加成長茁壯。 In life, we will always encounter different mistakes, from small mistakes like missing a few words in a report, to big mistakes like messing up a presentation. We are often filled with regret and frustration, blaming ourselves for missing the 8am attendance call and wishing we had gone to bed earlier the night before, or realizing that we forgot to save our work after a software crash. However, we review our mistakes and learn from the process, so what's wrong with making mistakes? We will still try our best next time, and we may still make mistakes, but the effort and hard work we put in during the process will help us grow and become stronger.

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