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國立臺北商業大學 數位多媒體設計系

【國立臺北商業大學數位多媒體設計系111年度畢業展覽】 "聽到北商,諧音就會想到悲傷,又會聯想到那些被打槍的作品與專題。 也許讓人傷心,筋疲力盡,但每次的悲傷都會化做讓人前進的力量。" 主題「悲傷製作」以做專題的歷程發想,在製作的過程中團隊會累、會委屈、會不甘心,但哭過後我們仍然努力著,「北商」的諧音「悲傷」這不僅僅只是紀念我們被打槍的作品,也希望參展的各位能藉由這次的展覽和我們一起化悲傷為動力勇往直前。 展覽作品以畢業生的「3D/2D 數位遊戲」、「3D/2D 數位動畫」呈現,歷時一年製作,共 15 件展出作品。 【The 111th Annual Graduation Exhibition of the National Taipei University of Business Department of Digital Multimedia Design 】 "When you hear Beishang, the homonym will think of sadness, and it will also think of those works and special topics that were shot. It may be sad and exhausting, but every sadness turns into strength to move forward. " The theme "Sorrow Production" is based on the process of making a special topic. During the production process, the team will be tired, aggrieved, and unwilling, but we still work hard after we cry. Hope that all the exhibitors can turn sadness into motivation and move forward with us through this exhibition. The exhibition works are presented by graduates' "3D/2D Digital Games" and "3D/2D Digital Animation".

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