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快轉 - to be continued


國立臺北商業大學 創意科技與產品設計系

大學時光匆匆而過,驀然回首,一切彷彿電影般的畫面在眼前展開。時間流逝,讓過去的辛酸和美好在腦海中迅速切換,化為一幕幕珍貴的回憶。 我們即將結束這段人生旅程,然而,未來的時間並不會停滯不前。不論接下來的路途是困難或是歡樂,我們將繼續邁步向前,踏入嶄新的人生旅途。面對更多挑戰,追尋屬於自己的夢想,現在,我們必須珍惜當下的精彩時刻,並將這份力量與動力帶入下一段旅程中,創造更多美好回憶。 When I look back, everything seems to unfold in front of my eyes like a movie. Time passes by, and the pain and beauty of the past are quickly switched in our minds and turned into a scene of precious memories. We are coming to the end of this journey, but the time ahead will not stand still. Whether the road ahead is difficult or joyful, we will continue to march forward and embark on a brand new journey. In the face of more challenges and in pursuit of our dreams, we must now cherish the moments we have now and carry this strength and momentum into the next journey to create more beautiful memories.

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