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毛細現象 - Capillarity


國立臺北商業大學 商業設計管理系

毛細現象為一種物理現象, 而大學生活就像一場實驗。 我們是一張張的白紙,從各地聚集於此,經過著一樣又不一樣的知識渲染之後,幻化成獨一無二的我們,毛細現象對抗地心引力上升,我們則是對抗重重困難到自己的目標。光重疊幻為白,墨重疊交織黑。光線交疊過程,成為炫光,整體視覺是簡單的黑白加上局部炫彩,就因每個人都光彩奪目,才造就這番景象。 Capillary action refers to a special phenomenon exhibited by liquids in small tubes, which is related to surface tension. University life can indeed be seen as an experiment, where we undergo various challenges, including learning new knowledge, building interpersonal relationships, solving problems, etc., all of which have developed and changed our personalities and abilities to varying degrees. As being colored with similar or different knowledge, we have become unique from each other. University life is a very important stage in our lives. It is not only a place for us to learn knowledge and skills but also a stage for us to shape ourselves. Through this experiment, we can explore our interests and passions, discover our talents and potentials, and prepare ourselves for future life.

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