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與你傾海 與我向洋 - Connect with the Ocean


國立臺灣海洋大學 海洋文創設計產業學士學位學程

「與你傾海,與我向洋」是國立臺灣海洋大學海洋文創設計產業學士學位學程(學系)第四屆畢業專題成果展的主題。展覽以廖鴻基老師的海洋文學著作為基礎,從日常的角度探索海洋的不同面向,將海洋文學融入觀展者的生活。應屆畢業生利用在學期間所探索的設計概念和風格,通過對文章的理解,提出創意想法,並在畢業專題製作中呈現出來。每組自由選擇自己喜歡的海洋文學作品,發展出與海洋議題、文化和文學相關的主題,並結合海洋教育,以實現SDGs14(Life Below Water)──「保育及永續利用海洋生態系,以確保生物多樣性並防止海洋環境劣化」為目標。透過海洋文學,我們閱讀並了解海洋,然後我們走向大海、聆聽海浪聲,感受海洋的力量,希望通過畢業專題來傳達我們心中對海洋的熱愛和關懷。 "Connect with the Ocean" is the theme of the 4th Graduation Achievement Exhibition of the Bachelor Degree Program in Oceanic Cultural Creative Design Industries (shortly known as Department of Cultural Creative Design) at National Taiwan Ocean University. Based on Mr. Hung-Chi Liao's marine literature, the exhibition explores different aspects of the ocean from a daily perspective and integrates marine literature into the lives of visitors. Graduates use the design concepts and styles explored during their studies, and present their creative ideas in their graduation projects through their understanding of the articles. Each group is free to choose their favorite marine literature works to develop themes related to marine issues, culture, and literature. In addition, they will combine marine education to achieve the goal of SDGs14 (Life Below Water) ── "Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development, ensuring healthy oceans and preserving marine biodiversity." Through marine literature, we see and understand the ocean, and then we go to the sea, listen to the sound of the waves, feel the power of the ocean, and hope to convey our love and concern for the ocean through our graduation projects.

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