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國立清華大學 藝術與設計學系

混搭侵越 mix&match,簡稱M&M。每個人都是獨立的個體,在邊界之中構築自身,發展屬於自己的技術與美感。但是每個人也都屬於群體、屬於世界。多元與獨特是新世代的和諧。隨著當代的知識、文化、技術快速傳播,不同的領域的分冶不再僵硬,而能彼此融合成新的展現空間。如同異材質之間的混搭、解構、再創造,我們也都在廣大的世界之中探索、搭配、多方吸收,不斷超越既有的框架。 The 2022 graduate exhibition of the Department of Arts and Design, Design workshop at National Tsing Hua University is named Mix&Match, briefly M&M. Each person is an independent individual, constructing himself within the boundaries and developing his own technique or skills and aesthetics; however, everyone also belongs to a larger group and the world. Diversity and uniqueness state the harmony of our new generation. With the rapid spread of contemporary knowledge, culture and technology, the division of different fields is no longer rigid, but can be integrated into new posibilities. Just like how different materials mix, deconstruct, and recreate together, we are also exploring, matching, and absorbing a variety of concepts in this vast world, constantly surpassing the existing limits.

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