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棲息地 - THE Place: Think, Heal, Embrace


國立清華大學 藝術與設計學系

「棲息地 THE Place-Think, Heal, Embrace」 棲息地 THE Place,透過三個詞說明棲息地的含意, T-Think in different ways. H-Heal via design. E-Embrace the difference. 意指多物種的聚集、生長,且可供休息及停留的環境,療癒並成長著我們。 在這裡我們被激發而不斷思考,歷經風雨的洗禮成就一次次的茁壯,悉心的照料與縝密的規劃,多元的刺激造就多樣的我們 這是一個適合棲息與創造的地方 “THE Place: Think, Heal, Embrace” THE Place which the definition of habitat is expressed in three words. T- Think in different ways. H- Heal via design. E- Embrace the difference. This refers to an environment in which numerous species can coexist and grow, as well as a place to rest and recover, which heals and helps us grow. Here, we are encouraged to think continuously and are nurtured to thrive after overcoming adversity. Diverse stimulation produces a diverse us with careful consideration and meticulous preparation. This is a good location for habitation and creation.

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