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國立臺中教育大學 文化創意產業設計與營運學系

尋覓全界文化的重量,以文化丈量社會,感知出文化的生命與精髓。 無形的概念、有形的單位,延伸出長、集結成量,形塑出文化的體與面。 探詢文化的量與設計的深,新定義出我們的度量衡。 你,屬於哪個單位? 我們期望以文化為基底延伸出設計再造的可能性,希望藉由我們的展覽,讓更多人看到臺灣發生在各地的故事與文化,例如:鐵皮、緙絲、糕餅、土壤…等,因為有這些文化的重量,才會有今日深厚的臺灣色彩,以及設計的文化性。 核心聚焦於文化的重量、長度、體積、面積,做為單位,並以各單位的視覺圖像化進行重組、再造,形塑出文化的層次與立體化,在設計中延伸並探詢有形的文化之體與面,新定義出屬於我們的文化單位。 Look for the weight of the whole world's culture, measure the society with culture, and perceive the life and essence of culture. Intangible concepts and tangible units extend the length and gather volume, and shape the body and face of culture. Exploring the volume of culture and the depth of design, redefines our weights and measures. Which unit do you belong to? We hope to extend the possibility of design and reconstruction based on culture, and hope that through our exhibition, more people can see the stories and cultures in Taiwan, such as: tin, embroidery, cakes, soil, etc., because With the weight of these cultures, there will be today's profound Taiwanese colors, as well as the cultural nature of design. The core focuses on the weight, length, volume, and area of culture, as each unit, and reorganizes and recreates the visual image of each unit to shape the level and three-dimensionality of culture, and extends and explores tangible elements in the design. The volume and area of culture define our cultural unit.

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