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國立屏東科技大學 木材科學與設計系(產學合作攜手專班)

「以人為本,設計為名,設計是賦予價值並傳遞理念溫度的過程。」 「攝氏溫度」為瑞典天文學家安德斯.攝爾修斯所發表,並以其名命之。「設氏」,如同設計人的姓氏,設計的溫度不像溫度計上的數值,是存在設計者內心的價值,設計人定義屬於自己的溫度計,去詮釋每一個理念,賦予設計獨有的意義與溫度。 其他校內外展覽資訊: 1.校內展/2022.04.25-29/國立屏東科技大學 圖書與會展館1樓大廳 2.青春設計節/2022.05.12-15/高雄駁二藝術特區 蓬萊B4倉庫 "People-oriented, in the name of design, design is the process of giving value and conveying the warmth of ideas." "Celsius temperature (°C) " was published by Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius, and named in his name. " Design temperature(°D) " like the designer's last name, the designed temperature doesn't look like the value on the thermometer, it is the value that exists in the heart of the designer, designers define their own thermometers, interpret each concept, and endow the design with unique meaning and temperature. Other exhibition information on and off campus: 1.Intramural Exhibition/2022.04.25-29/ National Pingtung University of Science and Technology-Book and Exhibition Hall, 1st Floor Lobby. 2.Youth Innovative Design Festival/2022.05.12-15/ Warehouse B4 in Penglai, Kaohsiung Pier -2 Art Center.

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