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破折號 - Dash


國立屏東科技大學 木材科學與設計系

「破折號──」:在層層堆疊的波浪中乘風而行。 國立屏東科技大學 木材科學與設計系本年度實務專題成果展以「破折號」作為策展主題,理念為對未來自我的期許與祝福:破折號通常用以標明行文中註釋說明的語句或話題的轉變,形式為「──」。即將從學校畢業、成為社會新鮮人的同學們,是身分的改變,也是將進入不同的人生階段,踏上一段嶄新的旅程。在另一層面上,船隻/郵輪等常以「某某號」來進行命名。破折號──作為同學們所乘坐的小船、又或許是自我本身,在這充滿波瀾的社會中,即使有礁石或風浪,也能如其名字一般越過阻礙,破開路途上的困難與挫折,一帆風順。 此次展覽作品分為三大類組進行全新詮釋,包含「產品設計與創作類」、「空間設計類」及「木質資源材料開發與應用類」,共展出30件作品及研究成果,帶出木材設計應用的新觀念,並揉合了四年來所學的多種概念進行設計與發想,如創新機能產品設計、探討低碳循環空間規劃、高齡化社會問題與應對方針、藻礁生態議題及兒童適用家具等,有別於以往使用木材作為單一材料的創作模式,本次展覽有不少組別利用木材與不同材質進行表現,產生更多關於木材設計的想像空間,為作品添加更多韻味。 "Dash - Riding the Wind in Stacked Waves" The Department of Wood Science and Design at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology presents this year's practical project results exhibition with the theme "Dash." The concept is a reflection of our expectations and blessings for the future selves. Dash is often used in writing to indicate transitions or changes in statements or topics, represented by "──". As students who are about to graduate from school and become new members of society, it signifies a change in identity and the beginning of a new phase of life, embarking on a new journey. On another level, ships or cruise ships are often named with "ship name + number." Dash, as the small boat that the students ride, or perhaps as their own selves, represents the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges on the path, just as its name suggests, breaking through difficulties and setbacks with smooth sailing in this tumultuous society. The exhibition works are divided into three categories for reinterpretation: "Product Design and Creation," "Space Design," and "Wood Resource Material Development and Application." A total of 30 pieces of works and research achievements are exhibited, showcasing new concepts in wood design application, integrating various concepts learned over the four years into design and ideation, such as innovative functional product design, exploring low-carbon circular space planning, addressing aging society issues and coping strategies, coral reef ecology issues, and children's furniture for specific use, etc. Unlike the traditional mode of using wood as a single material in previous works, many of the exhibits in this exhibition incorporate wood with different materials, generating more imaginative space for wood design and adding more charm to the works.

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