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我與我 - Me And Myself

郭馨云, 鄭傑友, 李欣諭, 陸玫潔, 余俊諠 - Kuo Hsin-Yun, Cheng Chieh-Yu, Li Hsin-Yu, Lu Mei-Chieh, YU CHUN-HSUAN

MV劇情讓觀眾對影像內容有更深刻的刻劃和感受,且讓一般社會大眾更能了解有關高敏感族群的性格與心靈層面的不同,清楚明白高敏感是什麼樣子的人群。 - To make the audience to have a deeper feeling for the content of the video, and let the public understand the differences of highly sensitive groups.