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范雅玟, 徐品儀, 趙子宜, 蔡欣蓉 - Fan,Ya-Wen, Hsu,Ping-Yi, Chao,Tzu-Yi, Tsai,Hsin-Jung

在這平凡的家,卻有著不平凡之處, 家裡竟然只有一扇門也不曾被打開過,直到有天主角聽到了從門後傳來的敲門聲,打開之後才發現驚人的真相, 而究竟門後有著什麼秘密呢? - There is a strange thing that has only one door in the house and never been opened in this ordinary family. Until one day, the little girl heard the sound from the door and opened it then found the truth. What is the secret behind the door?