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前世情人 - My Dear Daughter

曾渝婷, 吳晨瑄, 王婷宜, 石峻傑 - Zen Zen, Fenguo, Carol, Taylor

我們以「女兒是爸爸的前世情人」的俗語作為此專題的故事核心,傳達父親對女兒的疼愛與呵護,並利用穿越於不同時代的表現手法,加深爸爸對女兒的過度保護的印象。故事內容並為非批判父母的保護行為,而是透過輕鬆詼諧的節奏來呈現溫馨的家庭喜劇氣氛。 - We convey the father's love and care for his daughter with the saying "daughter is the father's lover in the past life". The content of the story is not to criticize the parents' protective behavior, but to present a warm family comedy atmosphere with a lighthearted and humorous rhythm.